Soft varicose vein removal (68 pages)

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Varicose veins disappear without scars They dissolve by physiologic means, by use of the body's own forces There are no toxins involved, but sodium salt, a biological substance There is no pain after the procedure, but instead, a lightness of feeling in your leg There is no need for hospitalization and there are no sick-days necessary There is no need for bandages or compression stockings You have no restriction whatsoever after the procedure and can go on with your daily life unimpeded There is no need for general anesthesia during the procedure, which can be performed in a regular medical practice No risk of embolism No risk of nerve damage Recurring vessels after varicose vein removal are mostly healthy, functioning veins requiring no further therapy Varicose veins who are not occluded may shrink and become functioning veins requiring no further treatment The procedure can be repeated many times without aggravation of the tissues Sodium salt is a naturopathic healing remedy and may resolve other medical problems. For example, it occurs frequently that people with lower back pain report that their pain has disappeared after the procedure Low treatment costs

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